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Need some help!!!!

I have just put together my first really planted aquarium. Now I have a few questions.

1. I am running a 20G High tank. How much light should I have on the aquarium?  I have chosen Java Ferns, Amazon Swords, Dwarf A. Swords & Hair Grass . The substrate is sand with a 1/2" of gravel. 
2. For my fish population I have chosen four kribs and 3 octos. What should be my water changing schedule or should it remain the same as a fish only tank?
3. For CO/2 injection, I plan on using the yeast/2 liter bottle method. Where do I find a DIY instructions for a CO/2 reactor ?
4. Last but not least, how long should I keep the lights on?



PS: to Dan Q. I got the plants in great shape, THX.

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