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Plant info & pictures

To all APD members,

I'm looking to set up a website that will act as an information
repository which suppliments the current good sites (like the Krib,
etc.) with plant information.  I want it to cover both emersed and
submersed plants/culturing.  I am asking for people to submit articles,
graphics, graphs, etc.  Anyone can submit something (a site by the
people for the people) but there will be a few guidelines.

Articles submitted should be done as email, or plain text.  Articles
should be concise and contain information such as: scientific and common
names, species native location, full size, required lighting, planting
suggestions, nutrient requirements, etc.  An article does not need to
have all of the above, but the more the better.  We are looking for
information here.  If one submitted article has only a little good
information, it may be combined with others to form one complete
article.  Authors of articles put on the site WILL BE CREDITED for their
work by a footnote, name appearing before or after completed article,
etc. at my discretion.  (Different subject matter should be submitted as
seperate articles.)
Graphics submitted should be in JPG or GIF format.  Size of the file
should be relatively small (no 100+KB files... we are looking for
quantity as well as quality on-line).  Original graphics are preferred
with a specific plant being the focus.  Again, these may be cropped for
display reasons depending on the file.  Color graphics are preffered to
b/w, but both accepted.  Drawings are also good.  Again, credit will be
given where credit is due.

Graphs and charts (submitted as JPG or GIF) are also welcome to
supliment information.  Again, try not to have huge files (although I
realize it is sometime unavoidable).

I retain the right to not use (or edit) article, graphics, etc. but this
action would not be without reason.

All works should be submitted to pearlsco at u_washington.edu

Comments, questions, suggestions?  Email me.


pearlsco at u_washington.edu
The more people I meet, the more I like my plants.