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Re: Mail Order Plants & Satisfaction

>I'm curious about those of you who have ordered from mail order plant
>sources... Have you been happy with your orders?  Are the plants nice and
>healthy?  Did you get the plants you ordered?  Do you find the prices
>reasonable for the plants you recieve?  Would you order by mail again?
>I'm asking because I'm hesitant about mail ordering plants.  What you see
>is not necessarily what you get.
>Either on or off the list responses, as appropriate, is appreciated.
Hi.  I bought $90 worth of plants from Aquatic Greenhouse last December.
The plants were better looking than most I could find locally.  I planted
them in a 55 gal tank and and added Rainbowfish and it looks great.  The
only problems I've had have been my own.  I was notified of the shipping
date in advance and the plants arrived as scheduled(2 days after they were
shipped).  They were in plastic bags wrapped in wet newspaper.  The plants
were clean, healthy and free of algae; just exactly what I ordered.  I
could not better the price locally and I certainly could not get the
variety of plants locally.  I am completely satisfied.

k5vkq at ix_netcom.com