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fungus, disease, algea on Java and african fern?

I'm having some tough luck keeping both the Java fern (microsorum
pteropus) and the African water fern (bolbitis heudelotii).  What's
happening is that they develop grayish-brown spots which enlarge and
then the leaf or stem rots away.  If you look closely, you can often
see fine "threads" (of fungus?) on these spots.  It affects new and old
leaves and if the "infected leaf" comes within contact of the leaf of
another plant, such as an Amazon sword, that leaf becomes infected too.
 I've lost a couple really nice bolbitis plants and a few microsorum
plants already.

I've placed these two plants in tanks of different conditions - one tank
has 2.4 watts per gallon, CO2, slightly acidic water (pH 6.8), 100ppm
GH, and at a temp of 85 degrees F (discus tank), while the other tank is
dimmer (1.5 watts per gallon), higher pH (7.6), no CO2, at 82 degrees F.
 The same thing happens in both tanks.

I've read that Amano says he's seen a microsorum disease (page 183 -
U.S. version of Nature Aquarium World) and I've read in one of the
current aquarium magazines that he said old microsorum leaves will
develop a rot if not trimmed.  I also have seen a few postings on this
on APD, but no solutions.

Anyone have some solutions?  Please email them to me.  Thanks!

Walter P. Wu
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