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Echinodorus spp.

I have a problem, Vallisinaria gigantea (asiatica), V. spiralis, Hygrophylia
gigantea, H. polysperma and a Microsorium sp. (not I think pteropus) and what is
possibly Echinodorus major are all doing ok, but , I think E. cordata
(cordifolia?) (leaves are more or less round veins are visible) and another E.sp
(long narrowish leaves) are going "see through" as they get taller. The tank is
very warm, over 80 deg, hard water, 400 or so ppm, high pH, 7.6 or so. CO2 is
injected, only 2" of fish in 15 gallons, fertilised with aquarian plant food and
sequestered iron. substrate is sand over soil with extra iron.  I have the
blue-greenies but the consensus lately points to low nitrates being a trigger
for this, this is not the case, my tap water has 38ppm and I have been doing a
lot of changes lately to combat the BG. Is there a single identifiable cause for
the see through problem?
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