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i don't see any air in my co2 reactor

I used to use a tetra (I think) bell with a small aerosol of Co2.  The 
idea was to fill the bell with air in the morning and it would dissolve 
throughout the day. after a few days the level of the gas in the bell jar 
did not go down as much during the course of the day and I had to put 
less Co2 in each morning.  Apparently other gases from the tank water 
were replacing the co2 in the bell as the co2 dissolved into the water.  
However, now that I bubble DIY CO2 into the bell, and the flow is 
continuous, any air in the bell would be pushed out as the bell 
overflowed. The air that is trapped in the top few inches of the DIY 
bottle would not last a week or more before dissolving or spilling out of 
the reactor.  So for there to be air in the bell it would have to come 
directly from the yeast reaction.  Is this possible?.  What else does a 
yeast reaction produce apart from alcohol CO2 and water in sufficient 
quantity to ‘compromise’ the CO2?.

David Brooks