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H. polysperma meltdown

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Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 12:46:18 +0100
From: Paul Snuggs <psnuggs at btn_co.uk>
Reply-To: psnuggs at btn_co.uk
To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
Subject: Hygrophila polysperma meltdown

Hi every one.

I would be very grateful for some advice. The problem stems from four
years of blue green algae. In an attempt to rectify the problem I have
changed the parameters of my tank a considerable number of times during
these four years. These include lighting , lighting duration, water
change rates, fertilisers, fertilisation rates, substrates, water
movement rates, complete change of plants, changes in pH, changes in
hardness, high fish loads and low fish loads. I started out with a
dennerle system but over time, what with all the changes, the only
dennerle item that I still use is the CO2 injection system or should I
say used to use. I added 30 neon tetras a month ago, five at a time, and
my pH started to fall so I turned down my CO2. I eventually found that a
pH of 6.8, at a kH of 3 and a GH of 6, could be maintained without the
use of the CO2 bottle. Oh well, theres another item I should never have

So many parameters have been changed over the last four years that I get
the feeling I no longer  know what I am doing. Any way my current
problem is that my Hygrophila polysperma stems keep melting when they
reach half way up the tank. The leaves also develop holes and later
detach. My Aponogeton rigidifolius grows very large leaves almost to the
height of the tank which later bend down and my Bolbitis heudelotii
develops brown spots on the leaves which later develop into holes. 

Im gradually loosing the blue green battle and need to sort out why my
plants are not happy in order to try and fight it. Any suggestions would
be gratefully received.

Stephen Andrews in the UK where the weathers madder than the people 
 If  you want to get into the bog, ask five fools the way to the

Paul Snuggs
Technical Manager
BTN Ltd, England.  Tel: +44 (0)118 977 4646