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Re: Otto's starving.

> Date: 16 May 1997 08:36:51 GMT
> From: Jonathan_Kirschner at Energetics_com (Jonathan Kirschner)
> Subject: Re: Cyanobacteria
> Now I have a question.  Is it possible that 3 out of 4 of my Otos have
> starved to death?  I have very little algae of any kind in my tank
> now,  but I always figured these guys would find something to eat,
> including the fish flakes and sinking wafers.  I bought them about 6
> months ago and used to enjoy watching them bouncing up and down
> on the leaves.   After thinning out the plants last weekend I
> realized that I can only spot one of them now.

My experience is that I loose Otto's regularly (so regularly that I  have
stopped trying to keep them.  I know of no one with water as hard as mine
who can keep a school alive for more than 3 months or so even  when they
appear well fed.  As far as I know they just never do quite adapt to hard
water (mine is moderately hard at about 18 dgh).  Sorry about your losses
- they are wonderful fish for a planted tank.

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