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Ludwigia reopens stem-rot

I wonder what the secret is
to avoiding stem-rot in Ludwigia

I used to keep some in my "high
tech" 90 gallon (CO2, PMDD, etc)
but . . .  stem-rot.

I have a bunch of 10's I often set up
just to experiment. No fish, just
plants in experimental conditions.
At $9.95 per tank, who could resist!

In one 10 I put the L.r. in a pot with
soil and gravel by a sunny window. Water
was only 6" above the plant base. Stem

Another 10 I set out on the porch with
floating L.r. Stem-rot.

Another 10 I planted the L.r. in lauterite/
gravel, fed it PMDD, and lit it with a 18
watt mini-might. Stem-rot!

In all of these, the tips grew great. My
tap water is 7.4pH and 8gH. CO2 will drop
that to 6.8 pH.
Has anyone grown this stuff without stem-
rot? Does the stuff grow wild without

Thanks for any advice,

Tim "stem-rot" Mullins - Pittsburgh