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Re: Yeast Purity

> It is my understanding that compressed co2 comes from brewerys 
>and therefore is a product of fermentation like we have in the DIY

CO2 is also a by-product of oil and natural gas production.  Possibly it
comes from that source as well.   In either case, I would very strongly
suspect that the CO2 is purified before being sold.  There is no
purification in the DIY CO2.

>I'm under the impression that CO2 dissolves much more readily in water
do O2 and N2....

Correct.  Water is a polar molecule as is CO2.  O2 and N2 are non-polar
molecule.  For those of you that remember your basic chemistry, the
saying is like dissolves like.  In other words, polar molecules dissolve
much more readily in solutions of polar molecules than non polar
molecules do.

>When I make my yeast generators, I leave about 3" of air between the
>surface of the "swill" and the top of the cap.  This 3" is mostly O2 and

Good observation.  If so the CO2 could be pushing out the air in the
bottle first, which would explain the accumulation in the inverted
bottle.  This sort of goes back to the first part of my message about the
bottled CO2 being purified.