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Re: Cyanobacteria

Bill Ruff wrote:

>Does anyone have a good way to get rid of cynobacteria. I've battle
>this from time to time and after frustration I resorted to antibiotics.
>These really knocked it back but recurred over time. I now have a
>fully planted tank and the cyno is creeping back in. Any

Bill, what are your water parameters, especially pH and nitrate
level?  Many of us have long suspected that cyanobacteria appear
under conditions where the plants are starved of nitrates.  When
your nutrient levels, including CO2, are properly balanced, you
shouldn't have any blue-greens in your tank.

Now I have a question.  Is it possible that 3 out of 4 of my Otos have
starved to death?  I have very little algae of any kind in my tank
now,  but I always figured these guys would find something to eat,
including the fish flakes and sinking wafers.  I bought them about 6
months ago and used to enjoy watching them bouncing up and down
on the leaves.   After thinning out the plants last weekend I
realized that I can only spot one of them now.

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