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SAE & Rhizomes

Hi all!
I got my first SAE in my 30 liters tank (with algae). WOW!!! :() This
fish cleaned it in just two days!! Completely!! Why people have problems
with algae if this fish exist! The problem is, I think that my angelfish
are not very well with this SAE in the tank. It runs after the Scalare
as if they were algae covered! Today, I found some little injuries on
the Angel's skin.. probably done by the SAE. Is it possible? any
comments out there?

2nd.. I have a Aponogeton Echinatus and a Nymphaea Pubescens. Both with
little rhizomes.. Should I put them in a cold water tank for the winter
period? How should I do this? Suggestions?

Please, I want to receive one of those videos of your Racoon-Salesman
booobooo machine!!!! (In action with a salesman, if possible)
Jajajajjeje!! ;)
Thanks, all you, people!
Jerome, from Buenos Aires, the Tango City!

PD: Is anyone interested in changing Killifish eggs? I have wild