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CO2 from yeast...

I think I may have an answer to the question of why CO2 from a new yeast
generator doesn't dissolve as fast as CO2 from a bottle.

When I make my yeast generators, I leave about 3" of air between the
surface of the "swill" and the top of the cap.  This 3" is mostly O2 and

I'm under the impression that CO2 dissolves much more readily in water than
do O2 and N2, so I'm not at all surprised that a bell with a high
percentage of these gases stays relatively full.

I don't use a bell, myself, and I can't judge the effectiveness of my
dissolution other than by observing my pH.  I wonder what happens if you
let the generator run for a day, then dump the bell out underwater.  Does
it behave more like CO2 from a bottle then, or does it still dissolve more

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