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Re: Raccoon Deterrent

<<I heard from somebody in the pond business, that you can get these
things from a garden supply store, called a Scarecrow (?).  You hook it
up to a garden hose (and I think it operates on batteries). Basically it's
a motion sensor that sprays water.  Sounds like a lot of fun.>>

I don't have Raccoons, but it sounds like an awesome way to rid myself of
those pesky door-to-door salespeople. Of course, I'd have to rig it up to
activate a video camera simultaneously, so I could enjoy reviewing the
results later.

A couple people have asked about Riccia fluitans recently. I have some extra,
and wouldn't mind trading for a plant I don't already have. Maybe an
interesting floating plant of some kind?

In sunny and warm (100 today?) Sacramento, CA