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Black Algae

	Stephen and others have mentioned problems with Black Algae. I was able 
to clear it out of a 10 gallon and a 29 gallon using our old buddies the 
SAEs. Here's what I did:
1). Cut out all plant leaves that have any algae on them. Scrape 
everything off the sides, rocks, driftwood, etc. It seems to me that this 
algae won't live unless it is attached to something. If you can, though, 
vacuum the pieces that you scrape off out of the tank. Just to be sure.

2). Wipe down the heater tube with either bleach or ammonia. RINSE WELL.

3). Same with the filter if you have one. Throw away filter medium, soak 
the filter and tubes in either a bleach or ammonia sollution. RINSE WELL.

4). Take out all fish except for the SAEs. I used 8 in my 29 gallon.

5). Don't feed them for about a month. That's the reason for removing the 
other fish. SAEs seem to prefer fish food over algae (who wouldn't). They 
will eat the algae if nothing else is available.

6). Like I said-this worked for me in 2 tanks. Keep a close eye on the 
SAEs as you don't want to starve our little friends, but in a well 
planted tank mine seemed to do pretty well over the month and the algae 
has disappeared. I rewarded them with a differant fish food every day for 
a week when their job was successfully completed.

Hope this helps :-)

Gerry in soggy 50 degree Ann Arbor. Spring, where is thy sting?