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CO2 regulator

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Subject: regulator

I got a regulator about a month ago and it works great. It cost $35 plus
shipping (total of $39). I got the address from a post in the APM a while

"Date: Sat, 20 Jul 96
Found a great vendor.  Amber Waves Brewing Supplies
2808 LaVista Road, Decatur GA 30033, 404-315-1100
$35 for a custom rebuilt regulator, ask them for 0-10PSI spring and
2nd stage gauge.  It will then be possible to reduce the pressure to
a low enough value to use regular air hose and valves for the rest of
the project, just like with an air pump.  No need for a special
needle valve."

 When I ordered my regulator the guy told me he was running out of them and
that a local pet store was pressuring him to stop selling the things to the
public, so if you want to get a cheap regulator from him you better move.

P.S: This is not a commercial. They are not part of my family. I don't get
anything out of it besides the satisfaction of perhaps, who knows, maybe
helping a fellow APM reader.

Countdown to fatherhood -> 7 months to go.