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"Black" algae

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Subject:  Black Algae ???? 

Dear All

Please HELP !!!! I have a 640 litre fresh water tank with
about 16 fish living. I have had the tank for about 2 years
and have been very happy, up untill recently.

About 6 months ago black Alge started growing in the
tank. It resembles tiny black dots but after a week or two
turns into black fluff and eventually destroys the plant that
it was on. The algae is also found on the inside filters and
rocks but not on the glass. My PH is correct at 7.0 and
the amonia and nitrate tests are all ok. I also have 2x3foot
and 2x2 foot triton lamps. I did change these globes but
that did not help.

Water changes haven't helped, nor have anything tried
from my local pet shop. This algae is only getting worse
and worse. Could it be the light (not enough or to much)
or the condition on the water.

Please help anyone !!!!!


Stephen D. (address: stephend at lcs_co.za)