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public aquariums w/plants

Simon W. wrote:
>And of course if anyone is in the vicinity of Dusseldorf, Germany this summer
>check out the wonderful Aquazoo in the Nordpark. The whole place deals with
>the world underwater, from the child friendly penguins, sea-lions and turtles
>to a series of great panoramic aquaria featuring planted aquaria and a reef
>system saltwater tank.

I just happen to be headed to the south of Germany this summer around the
middle of July.  Unfortunatly, Dusseldorf is about 400 miles from where I
will be staying.  I'll be in a little town called Ravensburg, about 100
miles west of Munich located near the Lake of Constance.  Does anyone have
any other suggestions for public aquariums/displays to visit in this area?

B.J. Smith
jesmith at sonnet_com