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"The Optimum Aquarium" no longer available from Pet Solutions

Sean Murphy wrote:
> If people are actually interested in getting a copy of the Optimum
> Aquarium they might want to call Pet Solutions at 1(800)737-3868 and ask
> for item #10690105 price $22.99.  Tell them that you saw it on the APD
> just so the person taking the order knows that I was not kidding when I
> said they might sell all they have very quickly.

Just to let everyone know, I called Pet Solutions and the nice lady
at the other end of the line mentioned that this book had been on
back-order for four other customers for some time... and they just
got word that the back-order will not be filled since the english
version was recently discontinued.  So... don't count on getting it
from this location.  Thanks to Shawn for forwarding the info anyway.
It was worth a try!

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robinson at ichips_intel.com               http://www.ee.pdx.edu/~davidr/