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re: The Optimum Aquarium

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Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 14:10:59 -0400
From: Richard Contolini <Contolini at svg_com>
To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
Subject: The Optimum Aquarium Book

Hi, all.

I'd just like to introduce myself.  I've been lurking for a while,
gathering a ton of useful information.  But now I have something truly
useful to offer, so it's payback time.  And thanks to all of you out there
who have immensely helped the new kids on the block.

After reading a post from Jim Kostich a while back regarding the
UNavailability of TOA from J.P. Burleson, I decided to check it out
myself.  I had wanted for literally years to buy the book, but never got
around to it.  Sure enough, JPB had sold their last copy a mere three
weeks before I called.  Unfortunately, the FAMA ad was placed a year in
advance, so JPB is making a lot of people unhappy.  They did say that the
book is *definitely* out of print.

I also called Pet Warehouse, but they were out also.  I then called
Daleco, only to find out that someone had bought *all* of their remaining
copies just a week before I called.  I managed to convince them to check
their records to see who that person might be, which they were nice enough
to do.  After checking with the customer, they gave me his phone
number.  BTW, Daleco didn't even know that the book was out of print
until I told them.

As it turns out, the customer is a guy by the name of Eddie, who just
*happens* to own Monolith Marine Monsters (you know, all kinds of cool
stuff like electrolysis CO2 generators, etc.).  Nice guy.  Sure enough,
the book is listed on his web page.  He still has some, if anyone needs
one.  Just be prepared to pay $46, double the old retail price
(he paid retail price for them).  I truly believe these are the last
remaining copies in the US,
so the price isn't that bad, since it's either that or nothing.

Eddie has found a source in Asia for English copies of the book, but
again, he has to pay retail price for them.  He's also been in direct
contact with Dupla, and he *may* be able to work out something with them.
He has certainly expressed his disappointment with their decision to
discontinue the English version.  I wish him luck; I hope he's successful.

MMM's phone number is 617-494-8396.  Their web site is 
marine-monsters.com (no www prefix).  You should call soon if you're
interested in a copy of TOA.  Who knows how long they'll last.