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Blood/IVsolution CO2 yeast

Dear Apl people,
I have used a IV solution bag & parts to build the DIY CO2 yeast/sugar
system. I used Baxter products, wich I think they are aviable all around
the world. If you have the chance to get one of this systems (in
Argentina, the cheap ones are around 4$, so I suppose the Baxter's
should be less than 12$) use your imagination, however, I am now doing a
grphic archive, (with Paintbrush, from Windows) to send it to interested
people. I didn't use the bag of the system, I still use the bottle. What
I use is the lines, the drop counter(as a transparent reactor), the
valve, and the needle. If somebody has any suggestion on how to send
graphics via E-mail, welcome they are!

Question! : ;)
I have two plants with rizhoma ( <<-- h -->> ) :A Nymphaea pubescens and
a Aponogeton echinatus. Should I take them out of my tank for the winter
period? They are now at 27 C (80 F) How should I do it? Their leaves are
not doing well wen they reach (when) the surface. They get a brown
color, and they die. I am using Sera Florena since a week, for the first
time. I am injecting CO2, PH is 6.5, GH is 4-4.5. Light: Halogen lamp,
50w for an hexagonal tank of 30 liters (7 gal I think)
Jerome, from the Tango City!!