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Public aquariums

It has been a little over a year since I have visited Shedd Aquarium in 
Chicago and at that time I was pleased but NOT impressed with their 
plants.  Not a whole lot different than when I lived there in the 50's.

I happened to be in Wash DC last fall and visited the National Aquarium.  
Don't bother.  I understand Baltimore has a great aquarium.  As I visit 
these public aquariums I am always amazed that my tanks look so much 
better than theirs.  

I suspect this is a case where we hobbyists have outdone the commercial 
aquariums, at least in the USA, and that if you want to see awesome tanks 
you have to go into peoples homes.  I always enjoy showing folks my 
setup.  Depending on interest a person can spend as little as 10 minutes 
(a non fish person) or as much as 4 hours going through all the different 
substrates, plants, fish spawnings etc.

If any of you are there are interested in visiting my place, give me an 
email directly and I will give you detailed instructions on how to find 
us.  We are located 200 miles from Lansing, 200 miles from Grand Rapids, 
75 miles from Traverse City and 15 miles from Boyne Mountain.  I can 
assure you that if you are within an hour visit while on vacation you 
would be foolish not to stop in.  It is bragging, I know, : ), but I 
would put my tanks at a level just shy of George Booth's.  So if you are 
interested or want to get a car pool from "downstate", give me an email 
directly. ehami at sunny_ncmc.cc.mi.us

--Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew