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Re: Re: Algae

Sorry to have to return to this, but I think this is an important point,
and I would not want to offer bad advice:

Karsten wrote:

I responded:

>This is strange.  You should still have some nitrate residual,
>preferably around 5-8 mg/L. You may have to boost your fish load,
>but I doubt it.

Actually, this is not so strange.  I remember measuring no
detectable nitrates with my LaMotte, when I was starting out.  This
lack of nitrates seemed to cause 2 problems...an outbreak of
cyanobacteria and a white film on the surface of the water.  The
white film may not have been related to a shortage of nitrates (my
evidence is strictly anecdotal, and when one factor is out of balance
it tends to knock others out of whack), but I think that there is
sufficient evidence that the NO3 shortage will allow the
cyanobacteria to exploit the situation and establish itself.  Anyway, I
solved the problem precisely by adding more fish.  I added platys,
who have the added advantage of consuming thread algae.  I also
added about a dozen cardinal tetras.  My current nitrate residual is
about 8 mg/L, a little high, but okay for my plant load.  If your
nitrates are truly not detectable you must correct the problem
immediately.  If you don't want to add more fish, then you should
consider adding a KNO3 supplement.  This is one of the ingredients
of PMDD and can be obtained from chemical or scientific supply

Hope this helps,

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