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Kew Gardens

Kew is the only place I have seen the enormous Victoria Lilies.  They also
had some lovely Lace Plants in wooden tubs.  I have only been there once, and
would LOVE to visit again! 

BTW, if you are fortunate enough to visit Kew, be cautious about raising your
hands and pointing to things.  In some areas of the Gardens, completely wild
birds will fly down to your upraised hands and perch on your fingers,
expecting that you have crumbs, etc., to feed them. It is an electrifying

I suspect that, should any idiot make any move to _harm_ the birds, a large
spot of wet, nasty stuff on the sidewalks would be all that would be left!
Londoners are NOT tolerant of folks who do really stupid things, and little
old ladies can stomp a real fool to death in short order. <ggggg>

Thanks for mentioning Kew, it brought back some wonderful memories!