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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #699

> I built a DIY CO2 system with a IV solution (or blood) system. It comes
> with everything that we need to do it! Reactor, valve, drop counter(used
> as a reactor) and good quality lines! Everything for little money and
> just one trip to the drugstore (or hospital or doctor). No need of
> silicon glue, however, I used it as a prevention for leaks.
> Send my a mail if you are interested in the procedures. (I used BAXTER
> equipment)
> Jerome, from Buenos Aires, the Tango city

Hi Jerome,
	I am interested in all the gory details, as I am not in the medical field
would have to make contacts to arrange a supply of such items, (used, I
hope) I was unable to locate your Email address to reply directly, but I
suspect others might well be interested as well.
Best wishes David.