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Plants being eaten by killer loaches?

All of a sudden, one or some of the fish have started eating the new shoots 
of my Amazon swords and other plants in my 75G planted tank. The tank 
contains various tetra species as well as half a dozen each of Cory cats 
and Otto's as well as two clown loaches.

If I'm not mistaken, the most likely culprit are the clown loaches. I 
remember reading somewhere that they can destroy plants. The only other 
fish that might be suspect are the Ottos, but somehow I don't think they 
are the ones doing the damage. What I can't understand is why all of a 
sudden they would acquire a taste for vegetation...they have been in the 
tank for six months or so without any problems in the past.  Am I going to 
have to remove them, or can something be down about this? Would adding a 
piece of cucumber to the tank encourage them to eat that instead of the new 

I would really hate to see the loaches go, but at the same time they are 
ruining my swords!


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