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surface film

Folks I have been experiencing a white surface film on my new plant tanks and
it is driving me nuts. I ladel it off all the time. What can I do? 40 gallon
breeder 1 month old with lots of new small plants. 5 SAE's, 1 cory, 1 ghost
shrimp. pH 6.5 yeast CO2 homemade reactor,  Sea chem gravel, 4 T8 36" tubes
different types (for plants). Red Sea plant food. I was holding the plants in
a 10 gallon tank with sand bottom and the film was there too.
Is the film from decomposition of plant material? I do siphon any dead
material. The fish are doing great, darting about in schools sometimes and
eating any algae, there was some hair. I change 30% weekly -water. I must
clear this as I am hatching rainbowfish and they live in the top of the water
at first.
Much appreciated,