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Somewhere on the 'net i received the information that the aquatic plant and fish
displays at The Royal Botanical Gardens were being re-furbished, and that they
were closed to the public, and that their fish were being housed pro-tem at
Wet-pets in Romford, and I have been passing this information on as "gospel".
In response to a query I telephoned Kew today, and my call was the first they
had heard of it.
So; I have learned the lesson, "Don't believe everything you read on the 'net"
And, you must learn the lesson "Don't believe Spug of London"
Kew is open as usual.
If anyone can remember the source of this rumour, please let me or the source
know before the worldwide forest fire of gossip gets too much of a hold and
London has to close because "It is on fire" or some such.
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