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RE: Winmail.dat

>  It's yet another example of a Mircosoft software kluge that
> inconviences everyone. In a few years they will fix it and the unwashed
> will herald it as yet another great Mircosloth innovation.

I was trying to ignore this thread, but this is getting silly.

winmail.dat can be added by either MS Exchange Server or Client. It will 
become an even larger problem when more people load MS IE 4.0 with Outlook 
since it uses Exchange as the mail transport.

The client side addition can be prevented by clearing the "Always Send To 
This Recipient In Microsoft Exchange Rich-Text Format" check box in the SMTP 
- Address property page of the Internet address in the PAB.

Server side winmail.dat is not configurable by a user, it must be cleared by 
the mail administrator.

winmail.dat is a FEATURE. It provides extended information to Exchange 
Clients. It is a feature that should be turned off when sending mail
to the diverse assortment of mail tools on the 'net.

See http://www.microsoft.com/kb/articles/q138/0/53.htm

Next people will complain about MIME :-)

Always willing to look at the problem before assessing blame:
Jon Wilson