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Re:winmail.dat deposits on the carpet

At 3:39 -0400 5/9/97 David Aiken <d.aiken at eis_net.au>

>I don't want to get into flame wars about email clients or try to stop
>people using the program they like. I would like to know if I'm the only
>person experiencing this, in which case it's likely to be a problem with
>my program (Claris Emailer - for Macintosh) which I can try taking up
>with Claris, or I can swap to another program; whether some others
>experience it - in which case it may be a mail server problem I could
>talk to my provider about; or everyone has it (seems unlikely since only
>Jamie and 1 other - unfortunately in the truncated portion of Digest 696
>so I don't know who it was or what they said) - in which case it could be
>the mail list software.


I'm using Edora 3.1 an Mac PowerBook 540c. I do not get the truncated
digests by I do see little winmail.dat files lying on my carpet after
downloading some APD's. I do wish that people would just send plain old
text to the APD list as I get tired of cleaning up after those not yet
housebroken. It's yet another example of a Mircosoft software kluge that
inconviences everyone. In a few years they will fix it and the unwashed
will herald it as yet another great Mircosloth innovation.


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