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Hi everybody!
I am reading the Aquatic Plants Digest since
a few months and got a lot of help and suggestions
out of it. But now, I have a question myself:
Since about two weeks there is some long haired
algae growing on my plants (especially on big leaves).
It only grows in the upper (lets say quarter) of the
tank, and a lot is growing on leaves which reached
the water surface (too much light?). The tank was
set up about 6 weeks ago. Is there somebody who 
knows what's going on and who could give me some suggestion?
Here are the facts about my tank:
- 29G
- 3x20W of Full Spectrum Lighting (GE Chroma 50), 20W on
  for 13hr/day and 60W (all) on for 9hr/day
  (That means I automatically turn on one bulb at 8:00am,
   adding the two others at 10:00am, these turn off at
   7:00pm and the remaining one turns off at 9:00pm)
- Yeast CO2-injection with a pH of 6.8-7.2, KH 5-6
- Fe: 0.2ppm (I am adding trace elements)
- substrate: Vermiculate/topsoil mix with tetra initial
  sticks, covered with 1.5inch gravel
- Fish: 4 Flag Cichlids (A. curviceps), 2 Angels, 2 catfish,
        2 of these siamese (or so) Algae eaters
- nitrate: (AND THIS IS ONE OF MY MAJOR QUESTIONS!) not detectable
  (0) with my test Kit (Wardley, 0-100ppm, steps of 10ppm), even
  though I am adding 3 fertilizer tablets (15%nitrate, 20%phosphate)
  every week. I am pressing them deep into the substrate so
  that they do not dissolve directly into the water. Could it be
  that the plants are using all the nitrate (I have many, many plants)?
  The test kit seems to work (tryed testing water with ferilizer
  tablet in it - immediate response)
  Where can I get a low level nitrate test kit (0-10 or 0-20ppm)
  which does not cost $50 like the LaMotte?
- Plants are growing like crazy.
- Every once in a while (especially when adding the fertilizer to
  the substrate), huge gas bubbles are coming out of the gravel
Okay, I think this are enough facts. If somebody could help me
with these strange algae (and the other stuff), any response
is appreciated.
And, guys (and girls), thank's a lot for all the previous articles
in this digest, its fun to read and it helped me a lot.