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Public aquaria

>Are there any public aquaria with notable exhibits
>of freshwater plants?

The aquaria in the zoos of Stuttgart, Germany, and Basel, Switzerland, 
both have planted freshwater tanks. They are very good aquaria in other
respects as well.

>Ben and anyone else,
>I have heard that the aquarium dept at Kew is beng refurbished at the moment,
>The fish are apparently beng kept at Wetpets in Romford, where they can be seen
>for free :-), but as for the plants.....
><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Spug (Sparrow) London, UK.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is bad news, since I plan to go to England this year. So, Spug and
else, what else is worth visiting in London and in England north of
with regard to public aquaria with good tropical sections (London Zoo??)
better aquarium shops?

Jens Stoevlbaek