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From: Roxanne Bittman <rlb at kirk_dfg.ca.gov>
Subject: SAEs and Mayaca
To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com (Aquatic Plants Digest)
Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 9:24:23 PDT

My four SAE's are chewing on my Mayaca fluv. in my 40 gallon.  Before this, 
they denuded some formerly nice Rotala wallichii.  They start gently on the 
end of a little leaf, and then slowly get rougher until they literally rip 
off the leaf.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Is it because they are 
too hungry?  There is not much algae in the aquarium, except for a 
little hair algae (which they DON'T eat by the way, at least not that I 
see). I feed them a tablet (TabiMin) once or twice a week.  I really like 
fine-leaved plants; do I have to get rid of them?  I'm beginning to see the 
logic in Amano's setups with only shrimp and Otocinclus.

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