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Enclosures result in truncated Digest - Followup

Since my original query on 6 May (Digest 691) re this problem, there have 
been 2 Digests with enclosures.

In Digest 694 Jamie Howton replied to my query and the enclosure 
accompanied his posting (verified by examination of the enclosure). The 
Digest was not truncated since his was the last posting in it.

In Digest 696, Michael Eckardt's posting re Tim Mullins problems with 
Madagascar Brown Lace was accompanied by an enclosure (also verified by 
content - as Jamie Howton indicates, the enclosure is largely binary code 
but contains also some header material from the posting which allows you 
to identify whether or not it comes from one of the postings included in 
the truncated digest it accompanies). It also identified Michael's mail 
program as Microsoft Mail.

I don't want to get into flame wars about email clients or try to stop 
people using the program they like. I would like to know if I'm the only 
person experiencing this, in which case it's likely to be a problem with 
my program (Claris Emailer - for Macintosh) which I can try taking up 
with Claris, or I can swap to another program; whether some others 
experience it - in which case it may be a mail server problem I could 
talk to my provider about; or everyone has it (seems unlikely since only 
Jamie and 1 other - unfortunately in the truncated portion of Digest 696 
so I don't know who it was or what they said) - in which case it could be 
the mail list software.

If anyone else is experiencing this problem, could they please respond 
directly to me (not through the Digest - let's not bore everyone) and let 
me know what program they're using as an email client so I can hopefully 
narrow it down a little. I have a strong feeling it's my program, but I 
would really be interested in knowing if there are any other recipients 
of this list using eis.net.au in Brisbane, Qld, Australia and whether 
they are having similar problems since that would point to or clear the 
possibility of a mail server problem at the ISP end.

David Aiken

(ps: If anyone can forward me a non-truncated copy of Digest 694 without 
enclosures and without using a Microsoft program, I would be deeply