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Red Sea Plant Care Kit

Hello All,

I just recieved a Red Sea Plant Care Kit from Pet Warehouse to get a feel 
for CO2 and Fe in my 29 planted tank. After doing the test I can not get a 
reading on either CO2 or Fe from the kits. The test vial never changes so I 
tested against my tap/well water, still not color change in the test vial ??

Tank specs:  KH 8, pH, 7, Amonia & Nitrate 0, Nitrates ~12/14, peat in 
magnum canister filter, biowheel 60, alternate Tetra Flora and Seechem 
Florish according to directions, I add black water extract with water 
changes (30%/week), ~20 small tetras of various types, 2 corry cats, 3 CAEs, 
2 oncio???(algae eaters).  

Could this be that the test solutions have extended their shelf life ??
Any suggestion from people using this Kit ?

Thanks everyone
Tom Brennan
brennans at ix_netcom.com