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Apon. madagascarensis

> Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 00:46:31 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Tim Mullins <tmullins at telerama_lm.com>
> Subject: Madagascar Brown Lace
> Well, for the first few weeks it grew fast.
> First new leaf growth slowed. Then existing
> leaves started developing patches of brown
> followed by completed decay of browned
> sections. A terrible thing to happen to such
> a bueatiful plant. 
> What could it be? My algae is minimal (praise
> be to the SAE). NO3 is around 5mG/ltr, Fe
> around 0.1, PO4 less than .02, pH via CO2 about
> 6.8 (fluctuates), gH 8ish, carbonate hardness
> 4ish, CO2 10 mG/ltr ish (fluctuates), 78F. So,
> I'm grasping at straws like:
>    an Aponageton boivinianus bought at
>    the same time showing similar browning,
>    some Willisii crypts (with iron red leaves),
>    and a few other odd and ends. 
> 4) Maybe it's doing one of those strange
>    Aponogeton things like going into a
>    dormate cycle. Should  I put it in a
>    cool basment for awhile?
I'm no expert Tim, but this is not the "King" for nothing and if it was
easy they would be everywhere and a dime a dozen.

A few of my friends have good luck/skill with this plant and the common
significant factors for them seem to be hard water, pH around 7.6 - 7.8,
rich substrate with lots of organics and some shellgrit, good light but not
direct sunlight and moderate temperatures ( low to mid 70's ) 

Your initial good growth was from the stored energy in the tuber but
unfortunately the growing conditions provided since are not to it's liking
and it will not be able to store further energy in the tuber for the next
resting period.

Hope this helps

Good Luck

Bruce Hansen. ANGFA