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RE: Tank conversion

> From: MKA <oscar at sky_net>
> Subject:  Tank conversion
> In the process of moving my 11o gal. tank next month I would like to
> convert from a undergravel filter to an external filter and use a proper
> substrate. Any suggustions on filters and substrate for a beginner? Also
[stuff deleted]

I would sugest that you go ahead with your idea of starting the second 
external filter a few weeks before your move to allow the beneficial 
bacteria bed to establish itself within the canister.  The will keep you 
from having to 'cycle' the tank all over again.  Remember to make sure you 
monitor the temperature of the water in the container(s) you use to hold 
the fish; if it is for an extended period of time, you may want to add an 
airstone to aereate the water.

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