Re:extra algae eaters?

     >Can anyone recommend some extra algae eaters for an outbreak of 
     >hairy, light green algae that grows at the top of the tank -- on the 
     >glass and on the tops of the plants. I'm having a hard time keeping 
     >up with it. The otos and SAEs seem to rarely go up to the top of the 
     >tank. I need something that will pick at it near the surface. Would 
     >Mollies be good? Would they survive in unsalted water? Any 
     Platys and swordtails would be a good choice for an unsalted tank.  
     They graze constantly, and seem to prefer the upper levels of an 
     aquarium.  I got a pair of platys just for this purpose about a year 
     ago, and they ate a lot of the algae at the upper reaches.  They breed 
     like mad, though.  This pair produced over 200+ offspring in a year.  
     Of course, you could eliminate this problem by getting all females or 
     all males (however,the females may already be pregnant when you buy 
     them; one insemination can last for up to 5 pregnancies).  They are 
     easy to sex--the male has a prominent gonopodium, while the females 
     does not.