Re: rockwool

I use rockwool to keep my clown loaches from digging up the crypts.  Also,
I have an E. bleheri which recently produced three plantlets on a runner
and is outgrowing the tank.  It was in rockwool when I bought it.

I had a recent bad experience using the Aq. Products plant plugs which
come pre-treated with fertilizer.  I knew better than to use them, but did
anyway, because it was Saturday, etc.  Turns out that the fertilizer
increased the phosphate in the tank to over 1ppm (off the scale on the
test kit).  So do be sure to get the rockwool from a hydroponics shop and
make the salesman swear that what you are getting is inert in water.


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> From: olga at arts_ubc.ca
> Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 15:43:52 -0700
> Subject: Rock wool
> A question came up at our Aquatic Plant meeting the other night. It's about
> using "rock wool" around plant roots. I remember reading bad things about
> it. Can someone refresh my memory about why it's not good to use it -- or
> why it is good, if it is? Thanks.
> Olga
> in stormy Vancouver