Cichlids and plants

> I keep Central American Cichlids (C.nigrofasciatum, T.meeki, C.
> spirulum). I found it is virtually impossible to keep plants planted
> in the gravel w/o having to replant them regularly. However, I have
> had rather good experience with potting the plants. I use clay pots
> (different sizes). I put some large gravel at the bottom to block the
> hole. Then I put a layer of fine gravel or sand mixed with little bit
> of soil and peat. Then another layer of fine gravel and finally large
> gravel at the top. The large gravel at the top is intended to prevent
> the cichlids from uprooting the plants and/or digging into the pots.

Wrapping a bit of rockwool around the roots prior to planting will also
help solve this problem.


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