Re: Algae Eater pH levels

>Aquatic Plants Digest      Tuesday, 27 August 1996      Volume 02 : Number 162

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>Subject: Algae Eater pH levels
>> I have a community discus planted 125g tank, pH ~6.8, temp 86F,
>> ammonium/nitrites/nitrates 0 that contains 9 discus, 3 small tet
>> 1 bristlenose catfish, 4 cory catfish, and 2 otos.   I want to l
>> slowly to around 4 or 5 (the lower the better) to combat cyanoba
>> without resorting to medications.  Discus love low pH but I don'
>> the lower tolerance levels are for the algae crew.  Has anyone k
>> temporaily mainained SAEs, bristlenose or otos at low pH?
>I suspect the SAE's will be very uncomfortable, and possibly the
>Ancistrus.  The Otos should be fine.  OTOH, this pH is too low to
>support healthy plant growth... one of the reason that Discus
>aren't generally found in vegetated areas in nature.
>Additionally, how do you intend to lower your pH this far?  If you
>do it by adding CO2, you will reach dangerous levels of CO2.  If
>you are adding a phosphate based buffer, you will cause major
>algae problems.
>Karen Randall
>Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
>Boston, MA
Karen, are you saying the PH 6.8 is too low to support healthy plant
growth? My 55 is a jungle at PH 6.4-6.8! I have 25" high swords sticking
out of the top.

- Bill Brady ... Harwood Maryland USA