Re: Clown Loaches and Cucumber

>From: olga at arts_ubc.ca
>Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 14:06:20 -0700
>Subject: Loaches and cucumber
>>From: amc2 at ix_netcom.com (MERRILL COHEN )
>>Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 12:32:15 -0700
>>Subject: Re: Clown Loaches and Cucumber
>>They will eat much more than a "little piece" of cucumber.  Actually, 
>>have three 5 inch Clown Loaches in a 70 gallon aquarium with other
>>fish, of course; and they devour a half cucumber (sliced lengthwise) 
>>three days. <snip>
>>Good luck and let us all know your results.
>I tried the cucumber and you are right -- the Clown loaches like it.
>However, the SAEs like it even more. They stayed right there feasting 
>it. I removed it because I want them to eat algae not cucumber. (Those 
>eat *anything*.) I did think of an alternate way to perhaps protect 
>Lobelia which seems to be the only plant they eat.
>Perhaps I could get some feedback on *this* idea. I have some young
>Kribensis just about of an age to pair off. How about I put a pair in 
>main plant tank and strategically place a perfect "nesting" spot for 
>beside the Lobelia plants. The Kribs will protect their territory and 
>the Clown Loaches away. No? Yes? BTW, has anyone mixed Clown Loaches 
and a
>pair of Kribensis in a 48 gallon tank?

Olga (in lovely Vancouver):

Your Clown Loaches will prefer the the cucumber to your Lobelia and the 
Kribensis will probably not cooperate in protecting the plants. (They 
can be kept together.) If you keep cucumber in the aquarium 
continually, your plants will not be bothered.  In fact, the plants 
will take on a "hue" that I have never had before using cucumber.  
Another thing about Clown Loaches is that they, and most fish, look for 
food constantly.  They should appear robust.  Remember this one fact -- 
in Nature, you never catch a "skinny" fish.  They are either robust or 
dead!!  Keep them well occupied with a food that does not foul the 
aquarium, and you will have "the optimum aquarium"! Try_ ripe_ banana 
as a treat and alternative sometimes.

Good luck!