Algae Eater, pH & Barclaya

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Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 13:56:21 +0000 (+1200)
From: Len Trigg <trigg at lucy_cs.waikato.ac.nz>
Subject: Re: Algae Eater pH, and Barclaya longifolia propagation
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> From: Liisa Sarakontu <lsarakon at hila_hut.fi>
> Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 19:30:52 +0300 (EET DST)
> Subject: Re:Algae Eater pH levels
> So: SAEs certainly don't like that low pH, but they should live through 
> it without any ill effects.  Corys might suffer more, but it probably 
> depends on the species (my corys were C. delphax and C. arquatus), and 
> clean water of course will help.  My guess is that both ottos and the
> bristlie should also live through that.

In my experience the bristlenose catfish are not as tolerant of low pH as some
of the other fish.  I have lost a couple of ancistrus when I over CO2'd a 20g
hex tank and the rest of the inhabitants were OK (except for some freshwater
shrimp obtained from a local stream).

The other bit of news:  A couple of months ago I was given a very small
Barclaya longifolia (the green leafed variety).  The leaves were initially
about 3cm long, but it has grown very well since we've had it.  It now has a
flower scape about halfway to the surface of the tank, and I was wondering if
any special care is needed to ensure it sets seed. I'm keen to get baby
barclayas, because it is very rare in NZ.

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