Fluorescent Lighting

Subject: Fluorescent Lighting
> I've been doing some research on what type of lighting to buy.  
> some set-ups for $300 with VHO lamps.  I plan on lighting a 55 g
> I could buy two twin shop lights for $15.  Two cool white and tw
> bulbs would run c. $6.  This would give me a decent spectrum for
> cost.  
> Is there any great advantage to HO and VHO set-ups?  The cost di
> huge.  Any input? 

IMO, the only time VHO lighting is an advantage is where you have 
a deep tank with limited surface area.  In those cases, it may be 
easier to approach our w/g rule of thumb using VHO lighting, 
though in many cases, MH lighting is preferable in these 

Your shop light cool/warm plan will give you very acceptable 
lighting, although there are lamps with a better lumen/watt 
rating.  My preference, as always, would be to buy the shop lights 
then retrofit them with 5000K T-8 lamps and electronic ballast.