Loaches and cucumber

>From: amc2 at ix_netcom.com (MERRILL COHEN )
>Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 12:32:15 -0700
>Subject: Re: Clown Loaches and Cucumber

>They will eat much more than a "little piece" of cucumber.  Actually, I
>have three 5 inch Clown Loaches in a 70 gallon aquarium with other
>fish, of course; and they devour a half cucumber (sliced lengthwise) in
>three days. <snip>
>Good luck and let us all know your results.


I tried the cucumber and you are right -- the Clown loaches like it.
However, the SAEs like it even more. They stayed right there feasting on
it. I removed it because I want them to eat algae not cucumber. (Those guys
eat *anything*.) I did think of an alternate way to perhaps protect the
Lobelia which seems to be the only plant they eat.

Perhaps I could get some feedback on *this* idea. I have some young
Kribensis just about of an age to pair off. How about I put a pair in my
main plant tank and strategically place a perfect "nesting" spot for them
beside the Lobelia plants. The Kribs will protect their territory and keep
the Clown Loaches away. No? Yes? BTW, has anyone mixed Clown Loaches and a
pair of Kribensis in a 48 gallon tank?

in warm and lovely Vancouver