Re: Algae Eater pH levels

> From: "Williams, Rochelle - DCSPIM" <williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil>
> Subject: Algae Eater pH levels
> I have a community discus planted 125g tank, pH ~6.8, temp 86F, 
> ammonium/nitrites/nitrates 0 that contains 9 discus, 3 small tetras, 2 SAEs, 
> 1 bristlenose catfish, 4 cory catfish, and 2 otos.   I want to lower the pH 
> slowly to around 4 or 5 (the lower the better) to combat cyanobacteria 
> without resorting to medications.  Discus love low pH but I don't know what 
> the lower tolerance levels are for the algae crew.  Has anyone kept or 
> temporaily mainained SAEs, bristlenose or otos at low pH?

years ago, due to neglect and and being too busy the pH in my (then only)
tank got very low, at least to 5.0 or still slightly lower for about
6 months.  I naturally lost all the livebearers I had (platies and Cuban 
limias), the corys suffered but most of them survived.  The SAEs didn't
like that (they were very timid during that time) but they both survived,
and are totally happy even today.  

So: SAEs certainly don't like that low pH, but they should live through 
it without any ill effects.  Corys might suffer more, but it probably 
depends on the species (my corys were C. delphax and C. arquatus), and 
clean water of course will help.  My guess is that both ottos and the
bristlie should also live through that.  Anyway, I don't recommend it
unless you are going to observe the fish very closely and be ready to
remove them, if they look too stressed.

Liisa Sarakontu