re: RO Unit


 >> Does anyone have a great suggestion on where to get a mid to small size
 >> RO unit?  Where do you find the best prices on these babies??  I am
 >>  tired of hauling water from work (where we have DI water on tap
 >> (yeah)  up two flights of stairs and getting weird looks from the
 >> neighbo

I like SpectraPure.  Good solid units.  But above all one of the very best
service departments I have seen in any business regardless of type.  Really
first class.  A 15GPD I think is $99.00.  Mine started life three years ago as
a 15GPD and is now up to 70+ GPD.

And if I may a suggestion on the bucket brigade routine.  I did the same thing.
Even when I first got my RO unit I did the same thing.  Real bummer after
awhile.  Course it was about the only form of exercise I got.  Anyway, I got
some cheap plywood and a few 2 X 4's and made a 120 gallon storage box.  Put it
on legs so it was raised and lined it with a piece of pond liner.  Covered the
top, but hinged and cut a couple of holes in it, bought a inexpensive sump pump
($45.00), got one of those hose reels and bolted it on top, and then 100 feet
of a good grade hose.  When I wanted to change water I dropped down a line out
the window.  Ran downstairs tied it on the hose and an outdoor extension cord
and ran back up (hey I had to keep some exercise<g>), pulled everything up and
water changed all I wanted.  Really great in summer because mosquito larve
would be in there and the fish got fresh live food at the same time.  Always
fun to watch them do their best to stay right in the middle of the water flow.

Total cost was probably 100 bucks (excluding RO unit) and to this day was the
best 100 bucks I ever spent towards the hobby.