Subject: Re: Anubias

> Could you possibly list your conditions for healthy Anubias. I u
> water was Anubias-Friendly until this rot set in but I would con
> to improve conditions. At the moment I see this as an inconvenie
> fatal state, so I am carrying on as normal except for more trimm
> what develops.   Thanks for your help.

Actually, I've grown them under a variety of conditions.  They 
grow fastest and biggest in my "high tech" type set ups with 
supplemental CO2, strong light, laterite/gravel substrate and 
regular trace element supplementation.  But I have grown them in a 
number of low tech tanks with no supplemental CO2, (consequently a 
pH of 8+) low light (2W/gal) and trace elements only from water 
changes and fish food. (I still use laterite... I do in all my 
tanks!)  I have grown them with a pH as low as 6.5 and as high as 
8.5, KH as low as 2 and as high as 8. 

The only thing that I see that's is consistently different between 
out tanks is that my tanks are lightly stock, and macronutrient 
levels are consistently low.  Even with my low stocking level, I 
do weekly 30% water changes on all tanks.


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA