Re: Triton Enhancers

Geprge Booth said:

>Based on actual intensity measurements of Triton Enhancers vs Plain
>Old White Shoplight Reflectors using identical bulbs and ballasts, the
>Enhancers are 0% better than shoplight reflectors.  That's right, zero
>percent.  They are, however, 250% more expensive.
>BTW, bulbs with "internal reflectors" are also a rip-off.

Ever noticed that fiberglass sailplanes are white and not silver? There's a
reason, white reflects more light than and other color including silver,
thereby keeping the structure cooler and prolonging it's life.

White is the best reflector. The only advantage of a mirrored reflector is
that it reflects light at the anglular complement of the light incidence.
If you have a point source and gotta have the light focused accurately,
then the advantage you get from the known reflection angle will be offset
by the lowered reflectivity of a silvered surface. This is OK if your
trying to project a focused beam, say with your headlights,

White reflectors reflect the light in all directions. Try to see the bulbs
in your aquarium through the tank. Gotta put your head right up against the
bottom of the tank to even see them, right? Most of the light going in the
water is bounced off the sides and stays in the tank anyway, and it does
not make too much difference that the beam from the light is not tightly
focused, say by a parabolic mirrored reflector.

A crude white reflector will work just fine.