Clown loaches and plants

Merrill wrote:

>I'm taking a wild guess on this one -- do you, perhaps, have a large
>Clown Loach?  They can do a job on many aquatic plants -- punching
>holes in Amazon Sword leaves and munching on Rhizomes.  If so, start
>feeding cucumber to your Clown Loach.  They love it and so do many of
>the other fish that are not of the Pl*co family!

Interesting that you should post this Merrill. Just yesterday I observed
(for the first time) my clown loach attacking one of my Lobelia cardinalis
leaves. I had been wondering why some of the leaves looked chewed and some
had holes in them. I will add a little piece of cucumber and see what
happens. No one has ever said (that I've noticed) that Clown Loaches will
eat plants. I have heard they eat the flowers of Lobelia but not the

in variably cloudy/sunny Vancouver